Aquaknot Pools will be closed from December 23 and reopening on January 2.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the new year.


Already have a swimming pool? Does your pool’s surface needs refinishing, or tile needs replacing, or are you looking to add features or upgrade your current pool equipment? Just like so many things in life, your swimming pool is also upgradable. The swimming pool industry has changed over the last decade. It’s not just your cell phone that can be upgraded for newer models!

Schedule an appointment with a representative from Aquaknot Pools today to find out what you can do to bring life back to your swimming pool. Simple additions can change the ambiance of your yard, much like new paint on old walls.

Perhaps you are noticing those utility bills seem to be getting higher. Aquaknot Pools can provide you up to date options for your pool equipment that will be both energy efficient and keep your swimming pool looking gorgeous.

As the Massachusetts leader in commercial and residential swimming pool renovation, Aquaknot Pools Inc. can make your pool look new again. As an international award winner in new pool design, we have the expertise and access to products that will enhance your home and life.

Our staff will assist in you in choosing from the best materials and colors to bring your pool back to the point which it will now complement the rest of your home.

We can do almost any job from start to finish. Although we specialize in refinishing pools, as you can see in the pictures below, we can also provide deck repair or replacement services. Many of our competitors only provide for the pool work. We are a one stop company.

Along with swimming pool renovations, we can also update your old pool filtration equipment. Many of our customers want to update their pool with more user-friendly filtration, controls, cleaning, and chemical equipment.

Many of the older pools that we see have filter or plumbing that is simply either worn out or have been jury-rigged, no longer function or aren’t very energy efficient.

We can bring your equipment and controls into the 21st century. Many of the filter, automatic cleaning, and controls now being manufactured are much simpler to use, more energy efficient and are lower maintenance.