Aquaknot Pools will be closed from December 23 and reopening on January 2.
We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

General Services

From traditional backyard pools to upscale poolside settings, we can handle all aspects of service, maintenance and repair to keep your pool looking its best. Our trained technicians will take care of your pool quickly and efficiently every time. They can also repair all types of pool equipment, including heaters, pumps, filters and more. From chemical service to repairs, we provide the best year-round care for your pool!

Whatever your pool service needs are, we will be there to help. We are committed to outstanding quality and dependability. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

1. Yearly opening and closing

Let professionals open to avoid issues from the moment the season starts and close your pool to protect warranties and ensure proper winterization.

2. Maintenance and repairs

Aquaknot’s pool technicians are skilled in diagnosing and repairing most pool issues from plumbing to equipment replacement.  With fast turnaround times and our extensive warehouse inventory, you can feel secure that we will have our problems diagnosed and repaired and you swimming in no time. 

Our Complete Maintenance Program:
We also offer weekly or bi-weekly maintenance programs which include vacuuming, skimming the surface of the pool, water balancing, brushing down the pool and backwashing the filter as needed.

3. Water analysis and products

At Aquaknot Pools we pride ourselves in friendly service, honest and accurate testing backed up with quality products. Come into our retail store for a free water test with our state of the art water analysis computer system.

Our Full Line of Spa and Pool Chemicals:
Aquaknot is an exclusive dealer of Bioguard Products.  Bioguard is a trusted name in water analysis and uses state of the art equipment to analyze the water chemistry.  Our staff will take the time with each customer to explain the water analysis and review what products are required.  Each customer leaves with a printout of their water analysis and all products are available for purchase in one of our two retail stores.   A complete water history of each customer’s pool chemistry is maintained on Aquaknot’s database and readily available should a customer request such information.

4. Routine service & Service Calls

Aquaknot provides a weekly cleaning service in which we will come out to your pool every week to provide routine cleaning services.  Aquaknot provides the following services on site: vacuum, brush, skim, empty baskets (skimmer, caretaker, pump), add products and sanitizing products, backwash (as needed), filter cleanings (additional cost) and obtain water samples.  Our weekly service customers are also provided VIP treatment for any repairs that may be necessary.  While there is generally a wait list each season for our weekly service program, Aquaknot built pools are never denied this option.

5. Going on vacation?

Need someone to take care of your pool so you do not have to deal with a green or dirty pool when you get back? We will take care of it when you are gone. One of most popular services.

6. Problem Correction

If you are having a troublesome water problem that you just can’t seem to correct, we can correct it for you. Or we can help you troubleshoot the problem if you are looking for just some advice. We can be there for as long as you need, helping with as many jobs as you would like help with.

7. Acid Washing

We also provide acid washing for your gunite pool surface for most types of staining to make your plaster look closer to new.

8. Equipment Installation

We will install any of the three types of filters (D.E., Sand, or Cartridge), as well as motors. All hoses are hooked up, valves are given proper placement, fittings are given new Teflon tape, and lubricant is put on gaskets that require it. When the filter is up and running, it is checked thoroughly for any leaks and equipment problems before the job is complete.

9. Filter Maintenance

Is your filter pressure running high even after backwashing?  Filter cleanings are a necessary part of pool maintenance in order to keep your water clean and equipment working efficiently.  Aquaknot Pools offers on site filter cleaning services as well as grid/cartridge replacement.   

10. Winter cover installation

Aquaknot considers your and your family’s safety which is why we are a dealer of Loop-Loc safety covers.  Aquaknot will come out to your home and measure for your Loop-Loc winter cover, then provide you an estimate.  Once your cover is made, Aquaknot will install your cover at your closing.

11. Pool Design & Renovation

As the Massachusetts leader in commercial and residential swimming pool renovation, Aquaknot Pools Inc. can make your pool look new again. As an international award winner in new pool design, we have the expertise and the access to products that will enhance your home and life.
Our staff will assist you in choosing from the best materials and colors to bring your pool back to point which it will now compliment the rest of your home.

Openings and Closing

Aquaknot Pools offers full service openings and closings. With unpredictable winters, it is important that a swimming pool is closed correctly. Inadequate winterization of pipes can lead to disaster for a pool owner. Aquaknot Pools will ensure that all plumbing is winterized and that your system is shut down properly for the winter.

In the spring, Aquaknot Pools is there to open your pool, start and test your equipment to ensure that everything is running correctly. A problem caught on an opening can lead to a much faster repair, getting you swimming sooner.

Remember, swimming pool season for any company is busy and dates fill up quickly. It is always best to call early to schedule your opening, especially if you want to be swimming by a date certain. Our staff can help you decide when is best to open you to get you swimming on your timeline!


Did your sprinkler service put a hole through a pipe? Is your motor old? Did the mice get into your elements? Aquaknot Pools services most swimming pool repairs in house. Our servicemen are knowledgeable, ready to problem solve, and will have you back to swimming in no time. If we do not provide the service, have no fear, we will refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

Service Contracts

Cleaning and caring for your swimming pool should not be a headache.  Aquaknot Pools, Inc. offers service plans that fit your lifestyle.  Let us take on the dirty work so you can spend your time enjoying the summer season.  Our knowledgeable service men at Aquaknot Pools will vacuum, brush and skim the pool, empty skimmer baskets, and maintain the water chemistry for you.  With weekly or bi-weekly service, your pool will remain in pristine condition from opening to closing.