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From traditional backyard pools to upscale poolside settings, we can handle all aspects of service, maintenance and repair to keep your pool looking its best. Our trained technicians will take care of your pool quickly and efficiently every time. They can also repair all types of pool equipment, including heaters, pumps, filters and more. From chemical service to repairs, we provide the best year-round care for your pool!
Whatever your pool service needs are, we will be there to help. We are committed to outstanding quality and dependability. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

To get your pool started for the season we offer either FULL or PARTIAL openings (to get you up and running). Please inquire about of Spring Special for chemicals.

We offer FULL or PARTIAL closings or we can just blow out the lines.. If we close your pool we warranty your lines over the winter.

We also offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance programs which include vacuuming, skimming the surface of the pool, water balancing, brushing down pool and backwashing the filter as needed.

Our trained service personnel can diagnose and repair equipment or water quality problems.

Need someone to take care of your pool so you do not have to deal with a green or dirty pool when you get back? We will take care of it when you are gone. One of most popular services.

At Aquaknot Pools we pride ourselves in friendly service, honest and accurate testing backed up with quality products. Come into our retail store for a free water test with our state of the art water analysis computer system.

We also provide acid washing for your gunite pool surface for most types of staining to make your plaster look closer to new.

We will install any of the three types of filters (D.E., Sand, or Cartridge), as well as motors. All hoses are hooked up, valves are given proper placement, fittings are given new Teflon tape, and lubricant is put on gaskets that require it. When the filter is up and running, it is checked thoroughly for any leaks and equipment problems before the job is complete.

Weekly visits to your pool to ensure proper water balance and to apply the maintenance chemicals. We will empty all the baskets, backwash the filter as needed, add your maintenance chemicals and check the pool and equipment for any potential problems. This is a popular alternative to our complete maintenance program.

We now offer a service to clean the pool after it has been opened. To perform this service we use our own equipment. Not yours. We will get the pool in tip top shape. Most pools look their worst after they are opened. We can take away the hassle and difficult labor for you. This service is offered for only a limited time in the spring, so please call for availability and details.

Cleaning the filter will be a two-day process. If you have a sand filter, the chemicals will be added to the filter and the correct lines will be plugged. The chemicals will be soaked overnight, and the following day we will come back and complete all of the correct procedures to get the filter back up and running.
If you have a D.E. or cartridge filter, the inside assembly will be taken back with us, and soaked in a filter cleaning chemical over night. The next day the assembly will be power washed, and brought back to your house. The assembly will then be hooked back up to the filter, and the correct procedures will be completed to get the filter back up and running.

If your D.E. or cartridge filter was not chemically cleaned before it was put away last season, it may have organics and other things clogging the pores. Pool experts recommend chemically cleaning a filter at least twice a season. Opening your pool is when you need it the most to start off with the advantage over algae. We will do a peroxide chemical cleansing. (This is a quick-clean option we provide. A 12-24 hour filter element soaking is recommended for filters clogged with minerals and organics at a later date.)

If you are having a troublesome water problem that you just can't seem to correct, we can correct it for you. Or we can help you troubleshoot the problem if you are looking for just some advice. We can be there for as long as you need, helping with as many jobs as you would like help with.

With every pool store there are different chemicals and ways to administer them. We stay on top of the industry and sell only EPA approved and more importantly customer approved sanitizers, balancing agents and troubleshooting chemicals. Visit our online store for more information on the products we carry.


As the Massachusetts leader in commercial and residential swimming pool renovation, Aquaknot Pools Inc. can make your pool look new again. As an international award winner in new pool design, we have the expertise and the access to products that will enhance your home and life.
Our staff will assist you in choosing from the best materials and colors to bring your pool back to point which it will now compliment the rest of your home.