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As the Massachusetts leader in commercial and residential swimming pool renovation, Aquaknot Pools Inc. can make your pool look new again. As an international award winner in new pool design, we have the expertise and the access to products that will enhance your home and life.

Our staff will assist in you in choosing from the best materials and colors to bring your pool back to point which it will now compliment the rest of your home.

We can do almost any job from start to finish. Although we specialize in refinishing pools, as you can see in the pictures below, we can also provide deck repair or replacement services. Many of our competitors only provide for the pool work. We are a one stop company.


Along with swimming pool renovations we can also update your old pool filtration equipment. Many of our customers want to update their pool with more user friendly filtration, controls, cleaning and chemical equipment.

Many of the older pools that we see have filter or plumbing that is simply either worn out or have been jury-rigged, no longer function or aren’t very energy efficient.

We can bring your equipment and controls into the 21st century. Many of the filter, automatic cleaning and controls now being manufactured are much simpler to use, more energy efficient and are lower maintenance.

Below is just one example of a more energy efficient easier system that we recently replaced for one of our customers.


The pool renovation above was a vinyl-lined, in-ground pool with a concrete deck and chain link fence surrounding the pool.

As you can see the pool was of a geometric shape with decking that had a lot of square corners. Much of the deck had cracks running thru the surface and it was starting to heave up in some spots. The irregular surface was a real concern for the owner. The family has a few young children and the parents were worried about the kids injuring their feet.

Also the owners wanted a pool that was as maintenance free as possible.

The homeowner wanted to open up their back yard and take advantage of the natural setting outside of the fence.

Originally the homeowner wanted to remove the pool, and replace it with a oval shaped gunite pool. However after discussions with the entire family, it became evident that a freeform pool with a new deck and some landscaping updates would really enhance the entire backyard.

After removal of the old pool, deck and fence we worked with a landscape designer and set up s plan with the homeowner to open up the backyard.

The landscaper removed some tree and underbrush, pruned a few of the remaining trees and helped us to relocate the new pool with a change of elevation.

Because of the age of the existing filter equipment the homeowner wanted to replace the old equipment with a more energy efficient pump and the Mineral Springs water sanitation system. We also upgraded his pool heater to a more energy efficient model. We also used a Caretaker system to keep the pool clean.

One of the ideas we suggested to the homeowner was to include some plantings and stones abutting the pool. This tied in the natural look of the yard with the swimming pool.

An additional aspect was the use of a Bomanite concrete deck. Bomanite gives the look of natural stone pavers which adds to the natural look of the entire project.

As you can see from the photos we completely changed the look of this customers yard. The entire family was ecstatic with the end result, even the dog.